Chemical Weapon Convention Act, 2000

This was enacted in the year 2005 to effectively deal with toxic war chemicals. This mainly provides for the prohibition of development, production, stock-piling and use of Chemical Weapons and on their destruction as well as for matters concerned therewith or incidental thereto. The chemicals and their precursors for the purpose of this Act have been listed under three different Schedules. The Schedule I chemicals are those that can be used in weapons such as Sarin and Mustard gas and Tabun. The Schedule II chemicals include those that can be used in weapons such as Amiton and BZ whereas the Schedule III chemicals include the least toxic substances that can be used for research and production of medicines, dyes, textiles etc. There is a national authority to look into various aspects of the Act. As per provisions under the Act the Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers has notified list of Enforcement Officers to deal with related issues.

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