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Emergency Response Centre,
Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board,
Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
FAX 0755-2463742, 2469180
Tel No: 0755-2469180


Contact Addresses of Relevant Offices and Authorities

Contact Address Book - MoEF&CC

M.P. Pollution Control Board Officials

State Crisis Group, Madhya Pradesh 

Heads of District Crisis Group, M.P.

Police Superintendents (District Wise), M.P.

Central Crisis Group, New Delhi

Organizations dealing with Natural and Chemical Disasters.

State wise heads of Crisis Groups.

State wise Emergency Operation Centres.

Leading Agencies and Experts.

Medical Agencies

Experts in the field of Chemistry

Organisations dealing with oil slicks.

State wise Pollution Control Boards and Committees.

Meteorological Agencies.

Chief Inspector of Factories.

Agencies Dealing with Ozone Depleting Substances.

Agencies Dealing with Nuclear Emergencies.

International Organisations Dealing with Disasters.

World Environmental Agencies.

Members of Emergency Response Centre M.P.

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