1. To have a comprehensive database on chemicals and hazardous material.

2. To have information regarding first aid, antidotes and precautions to be observed in the event of a chemical emergency.

3. To predict the accident scenario for any given case.

4. Dissemination of technical and scientific information to the target groups/authorities to prevent/mitigate chemical hazards.

5. Undertake training and awareness programmes for the benefit for people in the interest of environment through publications, workshops, seminars and ‘Query Response Service’.

6. Coordinate with district administration, law & order authorities, State Crisis Group, District Crisis Groups and other authorities dealing with emergencies.

7. Inventorization of chemicals in the State.

8. Selection of priority chemicals and processes in the State.

9. To advise the routes for the movement for hazardous chemicals.

10. Keep records of regions, maps, topographical features, etc.

11. To be manned and operated round the clock.

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