List of Establishments Not Complying Real-Time Monitoring

S.No. Name / Address of Industry Sector
1 M/s. Sanjay Gandhi Medical College (Captive), Dist. Rewa (M.P.) CBWTF
2 M/s Rathod Pharma, Meghnagar Dist Jhabua (M.P.) Dye & Dye Intermediate
3 M/s. Balaji Steroids & Hormones Pvt. Ltd., F-24, Sector-1, S.E.Z. Phase-1, Industrial Area, Pithampur, Dist. Dhar (M.P.) Pharmaceutical
4 M/s. Nepa Paper Mills Limited, Nepanagar, Dist. Burhanpur (M.P.) Pulp & Paper
Abbreviations -
CBWTF - Common Bio-Medical Waste Treatment Facility
CETP - Common Effluent Treatment Plant
CEMS - Continuous Emission Monitoring System
CEQMS - Continuous Effluent Quality Monitoring System
CTSDF - Common Hazardous Waste Treatment Storage & Disposal Facility
CMSWMF - Common Municipal Solid Waste Management Facility
IP-C - Internet Protocol Camera
RTM - Real Time Monitoring

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