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The E.R.C. in Madhya Pradesh is located at Bhopal and is administratively controlled by M.P. Pollution Control Board. The centre is equipped with advanced facility for quick search and dissemination of information.

  • The industrial sector has shown keen interest in the activities of E.R.C. and 376 industrial units in Madhya Pradesh have already become its member till March 2019. These member industries have been issued a distinct registration numbers which is renewable every year.

  • The E.R.C. is also looking after responsibilities given under RRPTC, i.e. Regional Register of Potentially Toxic Chemicals in the State. This RRPTC looks after inventorisation of chemicals in the State, collects, processes and disseminate scientific and statistical information on chemicals, provide assistance to various authorities / industries at the time of accident, and in routine course also, organizes awareness programmes, coordinates and give requisite recommendations to the NRPTC at New Delhi.

  • The E.R.C. is also assisting in implementation of Chemical Accidents (EPPR) Rules, 1996 in the State and is coordinating with the State Crisis Group. The centre is equipped with advanced IT facilities to help quick search and transferring the information to the target groups.

  • E.R.C. has data bank of hazardous chemicals based on RTECS number. This number is internationally accepted and is identical, through out the world, for any given chemical. The advantage of having this data bank is that E.R.C. now can identify any chemical by its RTECS number also. This will be helpful in the event of chemical mishaps or other emergency situations when the caller is unable to recognize and give the name or CAS No. of chemical and gives only RTECS No. In such cases when caller furnishes only RTECS No., even then E.R.C. can identify the chemical and disseminate the requisite information, as per availability to the concerned caller or authority.

  • Like RTECS number, facility to access the chemical on the basis of CAS number, UN number and common names has also been established by E.R.C.

  • The library at ERC possesses primary information about 20,000 chemicals. This library is supported by Library Management Information System (LMIS), a user friendly software, for quick and easy computerized search.

  • E.R.C. has requested all its member industries to prepare an on-site emergency plan (OSEP) in line with the requirement of MSIHC Rules, 1989 which can prove to be very useful in times of chemcal emegency. .

  • The Centre aims to organize programmes in the State at various levels and is regularly doing such activities to bring awareness among the common citizens regarding hazards associates with handling and management of chemicals and the associated safety aspects.

  • E.R.C. has compiled material safety data sheet (MSDS), international chemical safety card (ICSC) etc of hazardous chemicals which are being used in the State. This is available for any one for reference and use.

  • Services of ERC are not confined to the M.P. State but it extends support to other States also. It provided technical support and guidance to the Orissa State, when the State was severy hit by super cyclone in the year 1999, at the time of ammonia leakage incidence from M/s. Paradeep phosphate Ltd., and M/s. Oswal Chemical Fertilizers Ltd., at Paradeep. Technical Assistance was also provided to Gujarat State during major oil spill incidence which severely affected Arabian Sea coast and marine national park at Vadinar near Salaya. The technical assistance was alsoextended to the Gujarat State authorities and individual chemical industrial unit during the severe earthquake in January 2001. The details regarding support extended to the other States may be referred in the past status reports of E.R.C.

  • Apart from industries the ERC also extended technical support to the academic institutions, research scholars, other government agencies etc. depending on their query and need basis. The E.R.C. also coordinated other related matters and assisted other State Pollution Control Boards, by responding to their queries, in matters pertaining to RRPTC, constitution of DCG and SCG, ODS etc.

  • The E.R.C. possesses information on warfare chemicals, their safe disposal etc, and also about safe distance for protective action and initial isolation of people from the chemical accident site and rehabilitate them to the safer places.

  • The last local chemical emergency tackled by E.R.C. was at Govindpura industrial area  which involved leakage of chlorine. The mission was successfully accompalished and the leaked gas was nullified at he accident site itself. Details may be viewed by clicking "Chlorine Accident" at

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