Winners of the Ideation Hackathon on Self Sustainable Gaushalas
  • FIRST WINNER (₹ One Lac cash and a Citation)
  • Shri Anil Singh Tomar, NOIDA, U.P.
    M/s Koshish Sustainable Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
    E.mail - (
    WhatsApp - 9311733712
    Noida (U.P.)

  • SECOND WINNER (₹ Fifty thousand cash and a Citation)
  • Dr. Yogendra Kumar Saxena, Bhopal
    E.mail - (
    WhatsApp - 9425677776
    Bhopal (M.P.)

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Save Planet
  • Reduce usage of electrical appliances
  • Drive vehicle less and use public transport
  • Reduce the usage of wooden stove
  • Maintain healthy eco system
  • Avoid the pollution