Environment Surveillance Centre

Environment Surveillance Centre :Real-time continuous monitoring has a significant role in environmental management. Availability of data on real-time basis helps in quick analysis and instant follow up action for better control over impacts on the environment. The National Environment Policy 2006 envisaged to strengthen the testing infrastructure and network for monitoring ambient environmental quality and progressively ensure real-time and on-line availability of the monitoring data.

In order to keep a close vigil and continuous surveillance of industries, the M.P. Pollution Control Board (MPPCB) established Environment Surveillance Centre (ESC) at Bhopal which came into existence on January 1, 2016. As part of follow up action of Directions issued, the industries have installed real-time monitoring systems for self monitoring of compliance and are transmitting real-time data of CAAQMS, CEMS, CSEMS and IP-PTZ Cameras to the ESC.

Emergency Response Centre

The Emergency Response Centre, Bhopal is one of the four centres established in the country by the Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change, GoI as a voluntary scheme. The prime aim of this is to deal with chemical emergencies by providing technical support to the target groups for prevention and mitigation of chemical accidents and tackle the crisis effectively if that occurs. The target groups include Government departments, industry personnel, academic institutions, NGOs and also the common citizens. This centre organizes activities, including out-reach programmes in various industrial pockets, to bring awareness among the people about hazards associated with chemicals and their safety aspects for prevention and mitigation of possible chemical mishaps

Crisis Groups
Prepardness Planings Prevention of Managment Chemical Accident.
LiFEStyle for Environment
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